Almajdouie Peugeot conducts extensive Bronze Level training for all sales staff in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Almajdouie Peugeot strongly believes in the importance of satisfying their clients and gaining their trust, and from this standpoint, the company held intensive training on a daily basis for the period of two consecutive months, for all its bronze-level sales staff among all its branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The training aims to refine the skills of the trainees and increase their familiarity with the general information of the products offered by Almajdouie Peugeot, in order to reflect on their professional level, in addition to increasing client’s confidence and reliability in sales and product consultants.

The intensive training for the sales staff started on August 22, 2022, and was held until October 27, 2022. The training continued on a daily basis in the morning, within flexible hours in line with the trainees' working hours. Within this training, Almajdouie Peugeot Company divided its sales team into two groups, including wholesale and retail sales. The training of each group included 17 intensive training courses to refine their professional level and technical knowledge in the field of vehicles and sales. The training was joined by 18 sales consultants, 7 from corporate sales and 11 from individual sales. The training was held online, under the supervision of specialized trainers, from the Stellantis Group - Dubai. In order to succeed in this training period, the trainees must complete daily tests and a final test at the end of the intensive training period to upgrade to the silver level.