Almajdouie Motors Academy organizes the 2024 Changan National Skills Competition

Almajdouie Motors Academy organized and facilitated the 2024 Changan National Skills Competition, which aimed at evaluating and enhancing the skills of technicians and service advisors across all Almajdouie Changan after-sales service centers.

After the first round of qualification, 15 service advisors and 15 technicians qualified for the final round of the competition. The competition featured various activities and assessments designed to gauge the participants' competency levels using different evaluation tools such as written tests, role-play exercises, and repair scenarios.

At the end of the event, the top performers were honored and rewarded for their hard work.

The winners from the Service Advisors are:
Gold Winner: Eslam Mohammed Nesem
Silver Winner: Khaled Gaafr Ali Ahmed
Bronze Winner: Mohamed Hamed Ali

The winners from the Technicians are:
Gold Winner: Canete Romeo Tipdas
Silver Winner: Baiju Pattayil
Bronze Winner: Jeoquan Gomez Calvez

The competition highlighted the exceptional skills and dedication of the participants, reinforcing Almajdouie Motors’ commitment to excellence in service and technical proficiency. The initiative aims to foster a spirit of competition and continuous development among professionals in the aftersales sector.

Almajdouie Motors Academy remains dedicated to providing ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure the highest levels of service for Almajdouie Motors customers in Saudi Arabia, reaffirming its vision of achieving excellence and leadership in automotive service.