Almajdouie Motors Academy signs a strategic agreement with Disprz to provide E-learning solutions for its staff

Almajdouie Motors Academy signed an agreement with Disprz a provider of E-Learning Solutions, to enhance the training operations within the academy. This collaboration aims to provide the latest e-learning solutions to make training more streamlined by utilizing advanced digital training programs.

This strategic partnership and collaboration align with the academy's commitment to providing a centralized and structured platform that encompasses diverse training programs. It also enables electronic monitoring, which enhances the achievement of a comprehensive training process, ensuring easy access for employees to various training materials.

Almajdouie Motors Academy is a specialized training institution that offers comprehensive programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees within Almajdouie Motors across various levels and departments. The academy provides training for frontline workers, technicians, managers, and executives, as well as other departments such as finance, human resources, information technology, and marketing. The academy also ensures compliance with the training requirements set by original equipment manufacturers, promoting a culture of excellence and continuous development.

Disprz platform will enable Almajdouie Motors Academy to create and implement customized and integrated training programs. It allows the academy to develop interactive training content and deliver it through various channels such as mobile phones, tablets, and smart applications.

This agreement provides several features, including:

- Assessment and performance measurement tests
- Experience certificates
- Reports and analytics
- Delivering training programs through new and innovative mediums.

Objectives of the agreement:

- Empower Almajdouie Motors Academy to provide a centralized digital platform for managing and delivering specialized and integrated training programs.
- Enhance the quality and effectiveness of training to align with future workforce market needs.
- Achieve a flexible and interactive training experience for trainees on the platform.
- Align with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to develop the capabilities of professional staff and prepare them for the future, seizing the opportunities presented by the evolving and accelerating needs at the local and global levels.

The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by Mr. Ali Almuraisel, chief of Shared Services at Almajdouie Motors, and from Disprz Mr. Subramanian Viswanathan Co-Founder and CEO. The signing took place at Almajdouie Peugeot showroom in Riyadh.