Changan "Hunter" leads the competition and wins the "Best Pick-up 2021" award

Jeddah, November 17, 2021 – Almajdouie Motors Company, the authorized distributor of Changan cars in Saudi Arabia, announced that the new and advanced Changan “Hunter” pickup truck has won the “Best Pick-up 2021” award for the year 2021 as part of the 9th edition of "PR Arabia Automotive Sector Award" for the automotive sector in Saudi Arabia. Changan pick-up "Hunter" was announced as the winner at the closing ceremony of the award, which was held in the instant month, November 2021, in one of the major celebrating halls in Jeddah, in the presence of representatives of the regional offices of car brands, car dealerships, and representatives of the press, media and social media platforms in Saudi Arabia. Several pick-up trucks were nominated to win this award, but Changan truck was the largest voted pick up, this is in addition to the nominations of the jury, which qualified it to win this prestigious award. Noting that Changan pick-up truck is equipped with all safety and security factors and modern driving systems that provide smooth driving and great performance. The new “Hunter” truck is equipped with all safety and security measures and modern driving systems that provide a smooth ride and enhanced performance, which are not available on competing models. It is also characterized by strength, durability and agility, and is able to work under various driving conditions, including winding, bumpy and sharp angled roads, which makes it very effective for The new "Hunter" truck comes with a 1.9-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine producing 150 hp and 350 Newton-meters of torque paired with a 6-speed manual transmission .Changan new truck “Hunter” is currently available for sale in Saudi Arabia in four variants, "Omega" (4WD), "Omega" (2WD), "Sigma" and "Delta". Yousef bin Ali Almajdouie, President of Almajdouie Group, spoke on this occasion, and said: “Despite the fierce competition in the “Pick-up” category to win this prestigious award, “Hunter” pick-up truck was able to win the award due to its capabilities and driving systems, sophisticated driving, great ability to work under different working conditions and climate, and it has been able to occupy a leading position in its category despite its relatively new presence in the Saudi markets." He added: "Winning this award is an honor for us and also a mandate to redouble our efforts to provide the best service to our customers from Changan car owners in Saudi Arabia. We are proud to win this prestigious award, and we can only thank the organizing agency for its tireless efforts to enhance confidence in "PR Arabia Automotive Sector Award", as this award is a trustworthy and true indicator that reflects the efforts of car dealerships in serving the car customer and the manufacturer at the same time."